Our history

1879 : Inspired by the industrialization movement in France, M. Mulard decides to found the A. Mulard establishments, specialists in the fabrication of creams, polishes and varnishes.
1908 : Installation in a factory specially designed for the A. Mulard establishments. A rarity at the time, it was situated at the gates of Paris, at 89 rue Cartier Bresson, in Pantin. 
De 1902 à 1963 : The company establishes its notoriety particularly through its superior quality products. It is awarded for the quality of its products, not only in France but in all of Europe – the jury’s medal in 1902, and three time gold medallist in Marseille in 1903, Brussels in 1904 and Madrid in 1905.
Affirming its recognition, it becomes, after the war, the official supplier for major administrations, railroad companies, and the war and naval ministries.
1964 : The organization, henceforth located in Noisy Le Grand, in the Parisian region, is purchased by a previous executive and becomes the Gybem Industrial Laboratories.

“Laboratories” in order to accent our scientific efficiency and rigour to further improve our formulas and remain innovative.
“Industrial”, because it is the technological innovations in the manufacturing process that will allow us to preserve a structure with humane team management. 
“Gybem”, the initials of the members of the acquiring family, to remain grounded in the heritage of the Mulard Establishments, its values and its know-how.

Les products are thereafter sold under the renowned brand “Gybem”, and are trusted by the major names in French footwear.
1987 : New management team, in an organization that still considers itself familial.
The new director wants to reinvigorate the company, without sacrificing its original values: quality, innovation, ethics, and respect. 

1995 : Move to Neuilly-sur-Marne, still in the Parisian region, for a new location with more than 30 000 sq. ft. The investment continues with the acquisition of increasingly productive packaging lines. Since then the production capacity has significantly increased.
2000 à 2005 : The beginnings of Gybem’s role as a supplier for the largest European brands.
The director’s children join the team.
The mantra hereafter becomes: Always more ethics, quality and rigour to better serve all our clients.
A quality-traceability system is put in place, similar to the HACCP reference for the food industry.

2006 à nos jours : Death of the director and take over of the company by his wife.
The conception of a team of associates, both young and seasoned, including their own children, charged with task of: Continual innovation.
Laboratoires Industriels Gybem
Z.I. des Chanoux 15-17 Rocade Niecephore Niepce 93330 Neuilly-sur-Marne, France
Tel : 00 33(1) 43 00 62 44 Fax : 00 33(1) 43 00 21 30 Email : gybem@gybem.com